Bigg Boss 13: Parag Tyagi Reveals Himanshi Parted Ways With Her Fiance And Is Waiting Outside For Asim

Television actor Parag Tyagi has a special message for Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz about Himanshi Khurana. His message is that Himanshi has parted ways with her fiance and is waiting outside for Asim.

Parag conveys his message to Asim during his current stay in the Bigg Boss house. He is in the house as part of the show’s family week, to spend some time with his wife Shefali Jariwala, who has is a housemate this season.

Asim then asks his brother Umar Raiz about Parag’s revelation, and Umar confirms the message saying Himanshi is indeed waiting for him outside, and whatever Parag has said is true. Incidentally, as reported earlier, Parag also has been stern with Asim, for his rude behaviour with Shefali in the house.

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