Bigg Boss 13 January 12 UPDATES: Salman Khan Warns Sidharth To Be Cautious About Shehnaaz’s Feelings For Him

In today’s Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan tries to find out what is going on in Shehnaaz Gill’s mind. Hence, the episode starts with recalling how the housemates chose to get evicted without sacrificing the comforts to save one another. And while discussing how the nomination process got scrapped, Salman asked Paras to name the person who according to him, changed the game. And Paras believes that if Shehnaaz had voted in favour of Mahira, they could have saved at least someone. Thus, by saying so, he explained how Shehnaaz purposely didn’t save Mahira because she has problems with the latter. And that’s how the main topic of discussion of the day began.

Salman reveals that the word “jealous” has been used more often by a couple of the housemates, and wonders who is jealous of whom. And to get the answer, he asks the housemates to reveal who according to them, is more affected – Mahira or Shehnaaz. They are expected to pour green coloured water into two glass containers with a heart-shaped transparent side. Everyone votes against Shehnaaz citing one reason or the other but chooses to avoid the word “Jealous”. After realising that he could land in trouble while expressing his opinion, Sidharth Shukla intentionally votes against Mahira. However, Shehnaaz starts crying after realising that the majority feels that she has issues either with Mahira or Sidharth’s friendship with Paras and Mahira. Initially, after seeing her cry, Salman adorably laughs at her childishness. But when she goes overboard and animated, the Bollywood superstar loses his cool and asks Shehnaaz to leave the house. And she repeatedly keeps saying that doesn’t want to stay in the house. And at this juncture, in Shehnaaz’s absence, Salman asks Sidharth to be cautious because according to him, Shehnaaz has become extremely possessive about him. He firmly thinks that Shehnaaz has misunderstood Sidharth’s protective attitude towards her as love.

A while later, when Salman takes a break and greets the team of Chhapak on the sets of the show, Sidharth tries to calm Shehnaaz, who sits near the main door. Arti Singh and Rashami Desai also make attempts to calm her, but she refuses to talk to anyone. Shehnaaz insists on quitting the show after feeling that she has earned insult. She also feels guilty of disrespecting Salman by back answering him.

Subsequently, Salman enters the house to announce the name of the evicted contestant and also cut the cake to celebrate the success of the show. And before cutting the cake, when Sidharth asks Shehnaaz to get inside the house, she refuses to listen to him and hesitates to face Salman Khan. Nonetheless, the viewers will have to wait for tomorrow’s episode to know who gets evicted.

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