Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh Feels Krushna Will Be Proud Of Her Performance

With the end nearing soon, the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are striving to out-perform their peers in the tasks each week. However, the competition seems to end once the task is completed and the contestants never fail to compliment and appreciate others’ performance. In the latest episode of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, catch Shehnaaz and Arti in a candid conversation about Arti’s recent performance in a task.

While lounging on the bed and chatting, Shehnaaz speaks up, “I really liked your performance. When you came in the house, I never knew your skills”. She then describes herself and says, “I am a girl whose mood changes in the middle of the task. But you excelled in your task. You stayed true to your character. As if, you knew your lines beforehand.”

Arti replies, “Ya, I knew my lines. But I didn’t byhearted my lines. I knew what I should do at a particular point”. To this, Shehnaaz said that she kept the honour of her uncle Govinda. Arti then reveals how Siddharth commented on how when her cousin Krushna will watch her performance, he will be so happy!

It seems that the hidden talents of all the contestants are getting revealed one after the other in the Bigg Boss house. We hope Arti reaches new heights and grows her talents, watch Unseen Undekha on VOOT to catch all the latest gossip in the Bigg Boss house.

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