Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai On Getting Married With Arhaan Khan After His Surprise Proposal

Looks like Rashami Desai is actually hoping to get married to Arhaan Khan. Although initially it seemed more like a one-sided love with only Arhaan opening up about his feelings for Rashami and going on record to say how he is really interested in taking things forward with Rashami but ever since he has proposed to her with a ring, the latter seems to be equally interested.

For the uninitiated, Arhaan had recently entered the house through one of the segments of Bigg Boss 13 wherein he along with many other ex-contestants surprised the housemates who were asked to freeze and have no interaction. That’s when Arhaan grabbed the opportunity to propose to Rashami who couldn’t stop blushing looking at him.

While Rashami did accept the ring at that point of time, everyone else was curious to know whether she has officially agreed to get married to Arhaan. Arti Singh personally walked up to Rashami soon after Arhaan left to tell her that if at all she plans to get married then she better not do it in the summers and an excited Rashami didn’t deny her concerns but simply said that she can only think about it seriously, once she is out of the house. Arti then also informed her that the ring that Arhaan gave her has been designed by Arhaan’s sister and Rashami just maintained that she just wants to live in the moment and not decide anything. She feels things will take time but is equally also not against the idea of getting married.

Do you think Rashami and Arhaan will officially get along as a couple, post Bigg Boss 13? Let’s not forget, Arhaan and Rashami have been good friends for years now but it is only recently that Arhaan realised what he feels for Rashami; especially after staying inside the Bigg Boss 13 house for a brief period through his wild card entry.

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