Bigg Boss 13: #WeSupportSidShukla TREND On Twitter After He Got EVICTED For Indulging In Violence

The news of Siddharth Shukla getting evicted from the show has sent shock waves in fans. They were trending hashtags to support Sid since a long time and his sudden ouster due to indulging in violence has just made every one spell bind.

It happened so that Siddharth pushed Mahira in an intensifying act of Captaincy task. As Sid pushed her, Paras tried to hold her but she got hurt. Bigg Boss was infuriated with the turn of events and with immidiate effect, he ousted Siddharth from the house.

Netizen have now taken to Twitter and are trending #WeSupportSidShukla to bring him back to the house. Have a look at a few Tweets:

And an ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi tweeted something which sent a sigh of relief to all. She wrote,”I m not supporting anyone n violence iss ghar meh harr koi kar raha hai since day 1,including girls so lets wait for the epi tonite phir baat karenge aur ab suno #SidharthShukla is very much a part of the show #bb13
chalo ab aur doh gaaliyaan mujhe? happy trollin

Do you support Siddharth Shukla too?

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