Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chabbra & Mahira Sharma Gets A Ticket To Finale

Bigg Boss house is one of the most competitive houses we see on TV and there is no denying the fact that the show serves some high wattage drama to the viewers to be hooked on to their TV screens. These days a race to finale is going on and we know a few will get a ticket to finale.

A task has been assigned to the housemates wherein they have to do home delivery and win the privilege of getting a ticket to finale. Three boys are stationed in three small houses built in the garden outside. They will give their respective food orders for delivery to the girls. The girls together have to decide who out of them will be the chef and thus take orders and who will be in charge of the deliveries.

The boys need to get maximum deliveries to win the task. And the boy who wins gets a chance to chose the girl of his choice to accompany him to the finale. And what we hear is that Paras Chabbra won the task. And along with him he chose Mahira Sharma to be in the finale.

Do you think he deserves to be a part of the finale? And Mahira too?

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