Actor Jeetendra Reveals A Shocking Detail About His Film Farz In The Kapil Sharma Show

One can never stop grooving on evergreen songs like Taki oh Taki, Sheesha ho ya ho dil ho, Sa re ke saare. Upcoming weekend on The Kapil Sharma Show will be filled with relishing 90’s songs and stories as Bollywood’s renowned father-son duo Jitendra Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor will grace the set. Reliving the golden era of Bollywood Jitu Ji will be seen cherishing old good memories with popular faces of cinema: Shri Devi, Jay Prada, Mehmood, and Prem Chopra.

Moreover, he will be seen talking about transformations in the Bollywood industry that he has experienced over the years. Kapil went on asking Jitu Ji about film promotions of his movies. Narrating about the movies he mentions, “In those days, if a film released in Mumbai’s theatre it used to come in Delhi’s theatre after a year. And this was never a crises or piracy issue for the makers.”

Kapil adds, “I remember watching DDLJ in Amritsar’s theatre after 2 years.” To which Jitu ji surprised with his response. He mentioned, “According to me my best film of the entire carrier Farz was flop in its initial 13 weeks. After 13 weeks it picked up, unlike today when movies become ancient in 13 weeks.” He later revealed that another film Jine ki raah picked up after 4 weeks of its release.

In another candid conversation, Jitu ji mentioned that makers never released songs prior to the movie release. He says, “The makers were furious that if they will release the song audience might not appreciate it in the theatres.” Conversations continued when Kapil enquired from Jitu ji on how actors managed their fitness as there were no gyms in those days. Jitu ji comments, “We are not bodybuilder, we are actors. When we started our journey, actors focused more on looking healthy and chubby. I remember I was 82kgs when I was shooting for Karwaan and 74kgs whe I was shooting Parichay.”

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