Bigg Boss 13: NO CONFESSION ROOM Concept Bores The Fans!!

Bigg Boss is a show which has a wide fan base all across the country. People from all walks of life watch the reality show and become so involved in the process that it becomes a part of their routines for three months. After last year’s season failed to garner that much popularity, the makers have added different twists and turns to the show to grab the eyeballs.

One of the major change they have brought in is the elimination of confession room itself. Earlier all the contestants used to go to the confession room one after the other and name two contestants who they think are unfit for the show. Based on the number of votes the nominations were decided.

From this year, the solidarity of the confession room has been abolished and housemates are asked to nominate openly. This has irked the fans and they have been trending the hashtag to bring the confession room back. They say that once or twice, open nominations can be fun but not always as the contestants are not able to speak their minds.

Have a look at some of the tweets:

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