Bigg Boss 13: CAIT Urges A BAN On The Show Calling BFF Concept Immoral

Bigg Boss’ house is a house of controversies. This time it’s making the headlines not because of controversies which take hue in the house itself, this time the house is in news for it’s concept of Bed Friends Forever (BFF) too. As per this concept launched to rake in the TRPs, one male and one female will be sharing the bed for the entire season to come.

This concept has sparked a debate in the outside world as people are questioning the move of the makers in the light of cultures and ethics. #Boycott_Bigboss was already trending on Twitter since last evening and now adding to the drama is the Confederation of All India Traders, CAIT which is against the concept of BFF.

Information and Broadcasting Minister, Prakash Javdekar has now urged a ban on the show. As per a report in The Hindu Business Line, the trader’s body stated that our country’s traditional and cultural values are at stake in the lust of TRP and profits. As per them the concept is entirely immoral.

The secretary of CAIT, Praveen Khandelwal was quoted as saying, “In the current show, the concept of ‘Bed Friend Forever’ is highly deplorable and is against all moral ethics of the television world. The makers of the show have forgotten that it is the prime time slot on TV when this show is telecast and people of all age groups watch the show.”

Well, we didn’t expect something like this to happen. Although the show is a part of many controversies, moral grounds have never been questioned for seeking a ban on the show altogether.

What do you think? Is the concept immoral?

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