Bigg Boss 13: After CAIT, Now Karni Sena Is Demanding A BAN On Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 became an instant hit among the fans as it had a few new concepts and a finale in 4 weeks. The thrill of watching something new, and serving the same, made the makers chisel a concept of BFF- Bed Friends Forever. The concept was introduced by Salman Khan on the premier episode itself.

Now the buzz is that Karni Sena to is seeking a ban on the show owing to the vulgar content which is being served. A few days back, a traders organization approached Information IB Minister, Prakash Javadekar with a request to ban the show. They even asked for certification from the censor board before the show is telecast as it contains sensitive content.

As per the reports of Bombay Times, the organisation claimed that the show is against Indian culture and corrupts the Hindu mentality. They even said that the show promotes love jihad and it is not good for youth. Karni Sena has also written a letter to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and requested him to take action against the show which is being shot in Mumbai.

The report read:

We invoke your kind and urgent attention towards telecasting of TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ on Colors TV channel which is showing high level of vulgarity to the extent that is difficult to watch the channel in a homely atmosphere and our country’s old traditional and cultural values are being tarnished in the lust of TRP and profits which cannot be allowed in a diverse nature of country like India. The concept of ‘Bed Friend Forever’ is highly deplorable and is against all moral ethics of the television world. The makers of the show have forgotten that it is the prime time slot on TV when this show is telecast and people of all age groups watch the show. The current show has crossed all limits of ethics.

Should there be a ban on the show? As fans do you find the content vulgar?

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