Bigg Boss 13: I Shouldn’t Have Been Evicted In The First Week – Dalljiet Kaur

Things have spiced up inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. The first week went smooth without any eliminations, while the second week came as a shocker when Dalljiet Kaur’s name was announced as the evicted contestant. The television actress is unhappy and thinks that it was too soon for her to be thrown out of the Bigg Boss 13 house. In an exclusive interview with, Dalljiet expressed all her emotions and vent her thoughts about the conspiracy planned amongst the contestants and the fakeness.

Did the elimination come as a shocker to you?
I am extremely disappointed because I feel that I shouldn’t have been evicted in the first week. I was very real and out of the fake connections that were being made inside the house, I should have been given the opportunity to explore the real connections I made.

Did you even in hindsight think that you would have such a short journey inside the Bigg Boss 13 house?
No, not at all. In fact, I was sure that I would go ahead. After coming out of the house, I got to know that I was being written about, I was trending. I also received good responses online. There were so many fake relations and fake fights in the house. To become a part of that mess was weird for me. Many were falling in love in the first week itself ad breaking up in the second week. This is not something that happens in real life. The connections that I was developing were very strong and real. I did not get enough time. So, I am very disappointed.

Are you happy with the decision, do you think it’s fair?
I definitely feel that the decision is unfair. As an actor, I know that I have a good fanbase. Maybe, my fans wanted me to participate in every fight but because I could see that everything is fake, I couldn’t participate in it actively. I have gone beyond my comfort zone and did a lot inside the house, whether it was showing your strength in the task, or if it’s about participating in the task through mental strength or if it’s about the tea leaves, flour or dragging my son’s name in between to create drama, I have gone beyond my comfort zone and done many things. My relationships had just started developing. So, I think it was too early.

Who, according to you should have been evicted?
I have nothing personal with Koena Mitra but as a contestant, she wasn’t contributing much. She would say that she’ll play but she wouldn’t help anyone in the chores nor was she doing anything to build connections. I felt that she was all over the place but wasn’t doing anything. I was expecting Koena or Shefali Bagga’s eviction.

In the little time that you spent inside, do you think you were able to create some real connections?
Absolutely! When I met Sidharth Shukla initially, I thought he was very rude and arrogant because of his persona. Later, I realised that he is a very real person. Whatever he says, is on point. He’s very vocal about his likes and dislikes. With all that I could gather, he wasn’t being fake and was in no mood to create fake relationships. So, I felt a strong connection with him. Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Aarti Singh, Mahira Sharma, I knew these people a little from before, so, the relationship was developing. Despite knowing that Paras Chhabra was doing everything for the game, and had calculated moves, still, I felt that our connection was real. But now, I realise that it was all fake. Paras has entered into a very fake world, and even Shenaaz Kaur Gill feels that by being fake you can entertain the audience. I’m very curious to know if it works this way.

A person, who you think has the potential to win?
Sidharth Shukla. He is anyway a very strong player but the good thing is he is not trying to play.

Is that because you think he is playing safe?
No. I think whenever he gets into a mess, he proves his point. Or else, he doesn’t interfere. He is not bothered about anybody’s impression, which is great.

Name a person, who you think is playing safe?
Everybody is playing safe. Paras, I think wants to remain in everybody’s good books but isn’t loyal to anybody. Even Shehnaaz, in front of Salman Khan, says that she doesn’t understand anything and is very desi. In reality, she isn’t like this. She has seen the world and knows what she is doing. She is entertaining by putting up acts, which I think is being liked by the audience.

What could be the reason behind your eviction, according to you?
When I had signed the show, I told them (Bigg Boss makers) very clearly that I am interested in making connections but I won’t even be the one, who would start fighting from the moment I step inside. I am a bit reserved, I take time to open up but within two weeks I was very proud of myself that I could come out of my comfort zone. I think I should have participated even in the fake fights which I found to be dumb.

Now, when you look back, what better could you have done?
I don’t think so because the timing of my elimination was very wrong. In two weeks, during the queen task, nobody took my name. In the pot-breaking task, nobody took my name, not because I was invisible but because nobody had anything against me. My relationship was brewing with everybody. It must not have been seen on the television in forty minutes but in those 24 hours, it was building. And, from this week onwards, it would have reflected in the tasks and fights as well.

Your son was also dragged in the play, do you think that was fair to do?
Not at all. I had decided, and even my fans did not want me to portray myself as a weak person. Like, ‘Oh My God! I am a single mother. Oh My God! I am divorced.’ When I tell my girl fans online that you’ll be strong, so, even I wanted to live that way. It was very easy for me, as an actor to cry and grab the emotions. Had I cried for Jaydon, memes would have been created on me. All this was very easy, not some rocket science but I did not want to do all this. I was getting very angry that others were highlighting this topic. I am an actor, I can cry without glycerine. I was obviously missing Jaydon. If I had to show that, it wasn’t difficult. I should have given more time or the people who are real and not all over the place but slowly they are coming out. I am not saying three months but little more time should have been given to me.

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