Bigg Boss 13 – I Don’t Have Any Plans, Just Want To Play Gracefully Inside: Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai made her name in the television industry with shows like Uttaran, Dil Se Dil Tak, Pari Hoon Main. The actress is now set to entertain the audience by stepping inside the most-viewed house – the Bigg Boss house. As she enters the Bigg Boss 13 house, hosted by Salman Khan, we got in touch with Rashami to ask her about the rumours related to her and the show doing the rounds.

How Did Bigg Boss Happen To You?
They (the makers) had approached me earlier but I would always get scared to get inside the house. Then this year I thought, why not? Because the last two seasons were really well.

Does that mean you’ve been an ardent follower of this show?
On and off I would catch up on the show.

What qualities do you think you have in you that will help you survive in the house for a longer time or even win the trophy?
All the qualities, and the kind of career graph I had, I believe that patience is very important.

What are your survival plans to stay in this show?
I don’t have any plans, just want to play it gracefully. I know that if you play in a dignified manner, people will love you.

We’ve seen you in many shows and also at various events. Do you think that still there is a different side to you, which the audience is yet to see?
I am always calm, and whatever I talk, I take time and I speak. Sometimes, you are very spontaneous and even if you say, ‘I’ll do this’ but you don’t do that. So, sometimes there are hyper moments and situations like that in life. You are watching it as a viewer but as a person inside the house, it is a completely different change.

There was news of you entering the show with your rumoured boyfriend [Arhaan Khan] and also tying the knot inside the house. Does this hold any truth?
Sometimes, you know, people just want to speak about something. First, let the show start.

Also, it seems you are the highest-paid celebrity in the house, as per reports. Is it?
I need to know first, who is spreading this news.

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