Bigg Boss 13 – Being A Full Time Mother I Don’t Think It Will Be Difficult For Me To Do Whatever The Task Is: Dalljiet Kaur

Television actress Dalljiet Kaur remained more in the limelight for her personal relationship than her shows. The actress got divorced from her husband Shaleen Bhanot and the news became a rage everywhere. After gaining stability beyond all this, the Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega actress is all set to enter the house of Bigg Boss 13. Before she could step into the house for a journey of three months, we interviewed her exclusively for a new phase in life.

What are the feelings before entering the Bigg Boss house?
I am extremely nervous.

Have you been following Bigg Boss?
Not really. Since the past couple of years, I’ve been very very busy because I am a full-time actor and a full-time mother. I do not get the time at all. Obviously, on and off I have watched the show but haven’t followed it.

Why Bigg Boss. How did they approach you?
I was offered Bigg Boss quite a few years ago but my son was very small back then. At that time, I did not find it safe to leave him alone because he couldn’t even communicate. Now that he is turning six, I feel it’s the correct age where he speaks about things like – he’s missing someone, or he’s unsafe. I am leaving him in a safer place. My parents are there and my sisters will come, one by one to stay with my son. This way, the time shall pass soon.

What qualities do you have in you that you think will help you win the trophy?
I think, a lot of patience, and I am quite patient as a person. I think this might help me to stay longer in the house.

One of the biggest tasks in the house is to do household chores. In what way, do you think you can contribute to it?
I am a full-time mother, so, I kind of have knowledge about it, and I like doing it. I don’t think it will be difficult for me to do whatever the task is. No work is big or small.

There are speculations that you quit your show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. What attracted you so much about Bigg Boss that you took the decision of quitting your TV show?
As of now, I have left the show for sure because there will be a gap of three months. When I return from the Bigg Boss house, I might join back, I don’t know how it will go. I am very thankful to my makers and the channel for letting me go so beautifully knowing that it will do well for me. Not even once did they say that we will not let you go, they let me go peacefully.

If at all Shaleen Bhanot enters the show, given your past, how would you plan on staying cordial with him?
I think I have entered this show after doing good shows in fourteen years of my career, and people want to know how is Dalljiet.I’ve had a very great journey. So, I think the audience is excited to see me as an individual, and I am in a very good phase of my life. I don’t know, we can’t speculate what will happen in the show.

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