Bigg Boss 12: Romil Chaudhary on his strategy, controversial equation with Somi Khan

In an exclusive chat with, Romil Choudhary, who ended at the fourth place on Bigg Boss 12, talks about his strategy, controversial equation with Somi Khan and the rise and fall of Happy Club.

Before entering the show, Romil had told us that losers inspire him more than winners. When asked if he managed to have an inspiring journey, he said, “According to me, I am a winner in myself. This show is about surviving 105 days and I did that. I would have been upset if I had to leave the show even a day earlier. Among so many popular celebs and such wonderful commoners, to be in the top four is a big achievement. I am really proud of my journey.”

Romil Choudhary exited the show in the second week itself but was given a chance to enter the show again. This brought out his new avatar. While many felt that Romil was overconfident and it led to his fall, the Haryana man had a different story to tell. “I know myself and I knew I would be standing in the finale. That was only my confidence in myself. Dum tha mujhme (smiles). Also, my game was set from day one, so the exit had no hands in boosting me. I don’t know if it was telecast but when I exited, I told them that I am coming back. I was so confident that I got to come back sooner. I had my goal set and I never faltered.”

While he was in the house, the lawyer’s video from Roadies audition surfaced on social media. Sharing that his real motive was to always enter Bogg Boss, Romil said, “I had promised my mother I will participate in the show. The audition was a way to get through Bigg Boss only. Yes, I had an inclination towards the entertainment industry though I have no experience in acting. If someone is ready to finance me, I wouldn’t mind though.”

But the 28-year-old shares that towards the end of the game, things got messed up when people started questioning his friendship with Somi Khan. Ex-contestant Jasleen Matharu has even gone on record to say that Somi was in love with Romil. Clarifying his stand on the same, he said, “I never felt that she was in love with me. Also, I am not so handsome that girls would fall for me knowing I am married (laughs). What we shared was pure friendship. And if people can question our bond, it is completely their opinion. I will fulfill my friendship towards her and do everything I can for life.”

As readers would know Romil Choudhary’s wife made her insecurity evident by announcing Somi as his sister. Somi’s sister Saba’s entry further made things awkward for them. The friends were seen trying their best to avoid each other towards the end of the game. Ask him if the development affected his image and game, Romil said, “Game mein thodi gadbad hogayi. But we both knew there was nothing between us. As for the image, when I can look into the mirror knowing I did no wrong, why should I worry? My family also knows me too well for me to get affected.”

He further also opened up about the end of Happy Club, a group he formed with Somi, Saba, Deepak and Surbhi. “We were all connected by emotions. We will always love each other. For me, the Happy Club is still alive and I love them from my heart. I will always be there for each one of them forever.”

The lawyer was also bestowed with the title of Sleeping Beauty for constantly dozing off in the house. Sharing that he has no qualms in accepting the title, Romil said, “Beauty toh bola na? I didn’t mind the title at all. If you can reach the finals by only sleeping then it was a great strategy for me. Also, everyone in the house sleep but maybe I reacted funnily when woken up so they put my visuals more.”

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