I Would Never Like To Meet My Enemy Romil Choudhary Outside: Dipika Kakar

Sasural Simar Ka star Dipika Kakar has won Bigg Boss 12 last night after surviving for 106 tough days in the BB 12 house. The actress went blank when her name was announced as the winner. Dipika says that being called fake by housemates didn’t bother her as she was confident that her fans could see her honesty and dedication. The actress says that she will treasure her relationship with Sreesanth was life and would also like to meet Megha Dhade outside the house. She also talked about the one person she would never meet.


Dipika, congratulations on winning Bigg Boss 12. How are you feeling?

I have got a lot of love from the viewers throughout my journey. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and supported me and because of you people, I could win this trophy. This was like 106 days of examination for me which I passed with flying colours.

What was the winning moment like when Salman Khan announced your name as the winner?

I was blank for few moments. And couldn’t understand that I have actually won. Salman sir has been joking sometimes lifting my hand and then bhai’s hand. When he finally said Dipika has won the show, it finally dawned upon me that okay it’s me. It’s a feeling that you cannot define in words. When I looked at Shoaib, he went down on his knees to thank god.

Your journey in Bigg Boss 12 house has been full of ups and downs. How difficult was it to survive in the house?

It was very difficult to survive in the house. At every point, people are there to demean you and put you down. Even if you are doing something good, you are questioned. It was especially different for me. I was called fake because of my onscreen character Simar. I have one thing to say to them that one cannot act in such a stressful environment for 106 days. Agar koi itni acting karle to use award milna chahiya (laughs) It’s simply not possible. I did not want to prove anything to the housemates. I had this belief that my junta is watching me and I am playing with utmost honesty and fairness.

You have made a bhai in the house. How many friends and enemies have you made?

I have been very clear about my relationships in life and I don’t make them so easily. I have formed a strong bond with bhai which I will treasure for my entire life. Megha has supported me at every step and I would like to stay in touch with her. I am looking forward to sharing a lot with her. I will definitely take this friendship forward.

What was your most memorable task in Bigg Boss 12?

I will remember the Sultani Akhada that I won against Jasleen. Itni lambi-chaudi hatti-katti ko hara diya (laughs). Then there was another task towards the end when Sweta Singh, Vikas Gupta, Jay Bhanushali had come, that task was also memorable.

Your biggest enemy in the house?

Romil of course. He also knows that I would never like to meet him outside.

What next?

I have planned nothing. I will just go with the flow. I have to first go home and spend time with my family. I will go to Ajmer Sharif because I had a mannat. Let’s see what comes next.

Which journey was tougher–Bigg Boss 12 or Simar’s?

200% this one.

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