When Sponsors of Family Time With Kapil Sharma asked for a refund they invested in the show

There certainly seems to be some fault in comedian Kapil Sharma’s stars.

Post a successful association with Colors’ Comedy Nights With Kapil, the comedian shifted owing to professional differences, to Sony TV and returned with The Kapil Sharma Show for the channel.

However, after a long and yet again fruitful run, the show encountered stormy waters with Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s mid-air brawl, post which the latter quit the show and there on began Kapil and his show’s downfall.

In August last year, it was announced that both the Channel and Kapil had decided to take a short break from the Show, with Kapil wanting to concentrate on his ill health and promised to come back soon.

And the comedian did comeback this year with Family Time With Kapil Sharma, which also encountered problems and was pulled off air after airing just two episodes. In the meantime, Kapil also invited some personal controversies post which he disappeared from the public eye completely, only to return to the city a few days back.

Kapil, in a recent twitter chat assured fans that he will soon return to television but seems that he might have to put that plan on hold for some more time.

A report in a leading tabloid has stated that the sponsors for Kapil’s comeback show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma are asking for a refund of the money that they invested in the show.

With more trouble in the release of the show, what do you think is in store for Kapil?

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