Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj split

Some relationships just don’t work out, not even after giving it a second chance. Take the case of Sheena Bajaj and Rohit Purohit, who have called it quits after dating for five years. This is the second time they have parted ways — they took a break from each other in 2016. However, there seems to be no room for reconciliation this time. What’s fuelling the rumours further is the fact that Rohit has blocked Sheena from his social media accounts. Informs a source close to the couple, “Sheena and Rohit have been going through a difficult time since few months. They have been having differences of opinion that has led to their relationship taking a turn for the worse.”

One of the reasons for the split has been attributed to the rumours of the actress getting close to Avinash Mishra, her co-actor in ‘Mariam Khan – Reporting Live’. The source adds, “Rohit is upset ever since he got whiff of this alleged affair, which is, of course, a figment of someone’s imagination. He has stopped taking Sheena’s calls, leaving her with no chance to clarify her stance.”

So, will the two patch up like last time? “The chances for that are rather dim this time, as things have gone too far. Sheena does not want her personal life to affect her work, so she’s not thinking about it at this stage,” replies the source. Incidentally, the two were planning to get married.

While Sheena remains tight-lipped about her relationship status with Rohit, she refutes any truth to the buzz about her and Avinash. “It’s an insult to my character when people speculate about my five-year-long relationship with Rohit and link me with my co-actor,” she says, adding, “There is absolutely nothing between Avinash and me. We are just co-actors. If I talk to a guy, it doesn’t mean I am dating him. Besides, I don’t care about these rumours as I can’t shut idle minds. I have been open about my relationship and if I am dating someone, I would talk about it myself. It’s normal to bond with your co-actors, so what special or different am I doing to be caught in a controversy like this?”

When contacted, Avinash also denied the rumours, saying, “It’s not true. Sheena and I are just friends.”
Despite repeated attempts, Rohit could not be reached for comment

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