Shilpa Shinde likely to take away the trophy tonight at Bigg Boss 11 Finale

Shilpa Shinde, who has been in the industry for more than 15 years now, is currently seen i n Bigg Boss 11. The actress is one of the probable winners this season and is in the finale contesting with Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma. However, the road to finale has not been so easy for Shilpa and she has fought hard to make her place in the top four.

During her stay in the house, many unknown aspects of Shilpa’s personality were witnessed by the viewers. Whether it was her motherly, caring nature towards housemates or her bonding with Arshi Khan, the actress kept viewers entertained throughout.

The highlight of her journey was her rivalry with Vikas Gupta that was seen in the first five weeks of the show. She tried every thing possible to make sure that Vikas’ stay on the show becomes difficult. In a way, Shilpa succeeded too. On many occasions, Vikas lost his cool and also tried to run away from the house. Shilpa’s funny side also came out as everyone enjoyed her banter with Vikas. Even the host of the show Salman Khan once praised Shilpa for her humour. In fact, he also stated that Bigg Boss 11 looked more like Shilpa-Vikas show.

Vikas and Shilpa had a fallout in the outside world as the actress claimed that the former was responsible for her ouster from the popular show ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’. But gradually things changed between the two and from enemies they became allies.

Housemates were not to convinced with this new bonding and suspected it as their game plan. Even Shilpa’s close friend Akash Dadlani was taken a back by their new friendship that he claimed it as a staged drama.

Shilpa’s equation with another top actress on the show, Hina Khan is also quite noteworthy. They began as friends, but with Shilpa’s growing popularity and her friendship with Vikas Gupta, Hina became insecure. They had many fights on the show.

Shilpa bonded really well with Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani and they named her Shilpmaa. However, gradually, competition and jealousy took over their friendship and Shilpa’s good friends became her worst enemies. From using foul language against her to demeaning Shilpa by calling her names, the two never missed a chance to target her. However, Shilpa always remained patient and showed how strong she is. When they abused her, she just stared back or walked out of the conversation, giving them no response.

This nature of hers impressed many and made her the top contender for the Bigg Boss 11 trophy. The ‘Maayka’ actress had many low phases also during the game when towards the end she was constantly targeted for not being actively involved in the tasks and taking over the responsibilities of kitchen.

Many even considered her cooking to be unhygienic and questioned her for not using healthy ways to cook food for the housemates. But Shilpa countered each and every allegation in her style. Even during the press conference, Hina, Vikas and Akash ganged up against Shilpa, but Puneesh stood by her.

He compared her compassion and nature to a normal housewife and stated that even after doing all the household work she is taunted of not doing anything. The love of her fans during the mall task and even during all the nominations in terms of votes, has been quite visible. Many state that Shilpa has always played the victim card and tried to gain sympathy, but no one can take away the fact that she has played the game with all her heart.

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