Bigg Boss 11: When Salman Khan gets ANGRY on Zubair Khan

Well, look who managed to get into Salman Khan’s bad books in the first week itself on Bigg Boss 11! We all saw in yesterday’s episode how Salman lost his cool with Zubair Khan. And frankly, a lot of people did not like the way Zubair behaved in the house in the first week itself. Zubair used a lot of abusive language in the house, threatened contestants and even called women names no one should be hearing, especially on television. Even though Zubair apologised to Bhai, his anger knew no bounds. Salman scolded him and even forbade him from calling him Bhai.

We got a video of how angry Salman was at Zubair’s abusive behaviour in the house. But if sources are to be believes, Zubair will consume way too many pills inside the house frustrated at being insulted by Salman for his behaviour. The contestant will then be rushed to a nearby hospital for recovery. But we hear that he will not be making an entry back in the house. The contestant has disappointed Salman so much that the actor doesn’t want him back in the house. Plus we also hear that Zubair got the least votes among the other contestants who were nominated for eliminations.

That’s one tone we’ve never seen Salman Khan use. And he dealt with Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga last season. Considering all the factors regarding the votes, his consumption of pills and Salman’s dislike towards him, the makers have decided to throw him out of the show. That’s quite relieving actually. The audience definitely doesn’t want to watch a show where women are being called horrible names and verbally abused.

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