Bigg Boss 11: Not eliminated, Zubair Khan reveals he walked out of Salman Khan’s show

Zubair Khan is a household name today thanks to his controversial ouster from Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 11. Ex contestant, Zubair Khan in an EXCLUSIVE interview to Times Now has thrown various allegations at the channel, the show and it’s much loved host. For those of you who have been away from the top news today, Bigg Boss 11 contestant Zubair got into Salman’s wrong side. In the Weekend Ka War episode Salman reprimanded Zubair for using foul language in the house and being rude to the ladies. Not one of the popular contestants in the house, Zubair decided to retaliate by consuming some pills. He was then taken for medical assistance and before his return back, Salman announced to the viewers that Zubair was the eliminated from the show.

Zubair has however not taken very well to his ouster from the house. He has filed a police complaint against Salman Khan for threatening him. And here are the allegations Zubair made against the Tiger Zinda Hai actor in his FIR. That’s not all; Zubair has also sought help from Help Care Foundation after he was threatened by the actor.

Read below 13 SHOCKING allegations made by Zubair Khan in an exclusive interview with Times Now:

# Haan mere in-laws underworld se hai, lekin Haseena Parkar mere relative hai wo maine kabhi nahi kaha. (Yes, my in-laws are from underworld, but I’ve never claimed to be Haseena Parkar’s relative.)

#Maine suicide attempt kiya kyunki mujhe nahi rehna tha aesi jagah pe jaha dharam ka mazak udaya jaaye, jaha kisiki saadgi ka mazak udaaya jaaye, aur jaha bhi kis community ka mazak udaaya jaaye. Religion ke baareme nahi dikhaya kyunki religion ke wajahse maine unko gaali di thi aap gaali ka reason nahi batare ho aap gaali bata rahe ho, aap TRP ke liye Zubair ko bali ka bakra banaoge toh kaise chalega? (I attempted suicide because I felt that a community and religion was being targetted. They’ve omitted the context of the situation because of which I’ve used abusive language. Don’t make me a scapegoat to garner TRPs)

#Leke jaunga bhai, wo bhagwan thodi hai bhai woh Vivek Oberoi ko ghar pe baithaenga, Arijit Singh ko film se nikalenga. Bhai mere paas khone ke liye kuch nahi hai, Salman Ke paas bahot kuch hai. (Salman is not God, he will make Vivek Oberoi sit at home, he will remove Arijit Singh from a movie, I do not have anything to loose. But Salman Khan has a lot at stake.)

#Salman Khan ke underworld se connections hai, usko pressure aaya ki bhaiyya tu Zubair ko dhamka, kyunki mere relatives underworld se hai. Usko pressure aaya isliye usne mujhe bola, maine jo salman ko jawaab diya wo TV pe nahi dikhaya unn logo ne.(Salman has been pressurised by the underworld to threaten me. I answered Salman, but that wasn’t aired on TV.)

#Salman Khan ke underworld ke saath connections hai puri duniya jaanti hai ye. Noora Ibrahim, Anees Ibrahim, bomb blast ke baad me bhi photo khichwata hai wo. (Everyone knows Salman has underworld connections, he has been clicked with Noora Ibrahim, Anees Ibrahim post the bomb blasts.)

#Salman Khan ke photos hai, underworld walo ke saath, Zubair Khan ke nahi hai. Salman Khan underworld walo se baat karta hai wo sabko pata hai. Uski filmo mein underworld ka paisa lagta hai, chori chupke ho ya. Bharat Shah andar jaake aaya… Open secret hai sabko pata hai wo underworld se juda hai. (Salman has pics with underworld dons, I don’t have any. Everyone knows that he has connection with the underworld, Bharat Shah went to the prison for the same, it’s an open secret.)

#Dawood Ibrahim ke life pe film bana raha hoon, wo atankwadi hai wo kaise bana wo bata raha hoon, mujhe kisike permission ki jarurat nahi hai. Ab unhe darr lagta hai mujhe jaan se maarne ki dhamki dere hai, Salman Khan unka chamcha hai. (i’m making a film on Dawood Ibrahim, on how he became a terrorist. I don’t need permissions for that. They’re scared and are threatening me and Salman is his follower.)

#Bigg Boss scripted hai, sabko bol ke bheja jaata hai, jhagda batate hai, jhagde ki wajah nahi batate hai. (Bigg Boss is scripted we all know that. They show fights, but do not show the reason behind it.)

#Zubair belongs to Dongri area, working since the age of 9.5. Red Chillies mein as line producer kaam kiya in 2009-2010, kisiko nahi pata ki main kahase aata hu kya karta hu, pichle 20 saal se industry hu, Endemol ke show me producer reh chuka hu. (I belong to Dongri area, I’be been working since a very young age. Nobody knew I served as a line producer at Red Chillies Entertainment in 2009-2010. I’ve been in the industry for twenty years, I’ve even worked for Endemol in the past.)

#2011 me kuch khabrein chapi, kisine afwa udayi, mere in laws ko mujhe badnaam karna tha industry me kaam nahi karne dena tha kyunki main unko bhaav nahi deta hoon bhai. (In 2011 there were some reports against me to malign my name and stop me rom working in the industry.)

#Andar jo bhi galat hora tha uske khilaf maine stand uthaya, Salman ne gay community ke baareme me bhi baat ki. Salman ne religion pe bhi baat ki, wo unn logo ne channel ne nahi dikhaya. Salman ne ye bola aap kisko gay nahi bol sakte wo uska individual right hai, wo nahi dikhaya. Kyunki woh controversial hai channel bandh hojaega, show bandh hojaea gay community chase karegi. (I used to stand against all wrong things inside the Bigg Boss house, they’ve not aired any of that. Salman has ought for the right of a gay and that’s not shown too, because that will land him in trouble. The controversy will shut the show and the channel.)

#Antop Hill se Lonavala me transfer kiya complaint, waha industry ka bhagwan bann ke baitha hai. (They’ve transferred my complaint from Antop Hill to Lonavala, because the industry’s God is sitting there.)

#Mujhe Salman wapis bulara tha, main nikal ke aaya hoon. Mujhe bulare the aap aaiye, sir aapko paise milenge mujhe double triple nahi chahiye, tel lene gaye. Main thookta hoon aese paiso pe jaha kisi majab ka, kisi community ka mazak udaya jaayega. (Salman was calling me back on the show. He told me you come back you will get money, I said I don’t want double or triple the money. I spit on such money, which pokes fun at a community.)

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