Earthquake sequence in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar

SABTV’s popular comedy drama Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) which entertains masses with its light-hearted comedy will now shock its viewers.

Yes, the coming twist in the above show will leave viewers stunned.

In the upcoming episode, Chidiya Ghar family will get caught in a massive earthquake. Everyone in the Narayan family will panick and come up with ways to deal with it.

But here comes the twist!

After the high voltage drama we will see that it will be Chuhiya’s (Trishikha Ashish Tripathi) mere dream sequence.

Thank god!

Commenting on the same, Aditi Sajwan, who plays the role of Koyal, shared, “For the first time we have shot with storm fans to visually show viewers that we actually were affected by earthquake. This particular sequence was shot in an open place and ground was filled with layers of mud. After the shoot was over we all were turned black with mud and our eyes turned red and started itching.”

Well done, team Chidiya Ghar!!!

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