‘Chandrakanta’ actors shoot at Golconda Fort

Actors Kritika Kamra and Gaurav Khanna travelled to Hyderabad to shoot a special sequence at the Golconda Fort for the TV show “Prem ya Paheli? Chandrakanta”.

Gaurav said of the experience in a statement: “We are shooting in Hyderabad at Golconda Fort. It is the opening shot of the show and also my first time in Hyderabad. We all are extremely excited about this outdoor schedule as the place where we are shooting is cinematically beautiful.”

The actor says the place is very apt as the historic structure goes very well with the theme of the Life Ok show.

“Also Nikhil sir (Nikhil Sinha, who is producing the show) is shooting this opening sequence, so we are sure it is going to be a visual treat and an enthralling experience for the audience,” he added.

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