Salman Khan is an ISI agent and Bigg Boss gives drugs to female contestants: Swami Om

Luckily for us, Om Swami got evicted from the Bigg Boss 10 house. Though we didn’t like the way everything happened. It was downright disgusting! In fact, no one has stooped so low in the history of Bigg Boss till now. The worst part is that the self-proclaimed God man doesn’t even regret doing it. After being kicked out of the house, Swami now went LIVE with a news channel saying shocking things about the show. Swami not only called Salman Khan an ISI agent but also accused the contestants of spiking his food and mixing it with drugs. And that’s not the end of it.

He also accused the makers of supplying drugs to the female contestants in the house. Swami blamed the makers of Bigg Boss 10 saying that they threatened to kill him because of which he did what he did. To add to all the rant, he also said that Bani J was sleeping with Jason Shah for four days. Ugh the man has no level. Swami was thrown out of the house after he peed in a bowl and threw it on Bani J, Rohan Mehra and some other contestants in the house.

The contestants locked him in the jail and lashed out at Saint man for stooping so low. In fact, we knew that Swami won’t let all of this go. Swami’s allegations against the makers were quite expected of him actually. But calling an actor an ISI agent and accusing makers of supplying drugs is not a small thing. We wonder how the Weekend Ka Vaar episode is going to be after such disgusting incidents in the house.

Bigg Boss had even sent in security because Swami went and hid himself in the jail washroom. We don’t think this situation is going to dial down any time soon. Swami is going to make the most of his popularity (we hate to attribute the word to him) and will make more allegations in the days to come. What are your thoughts on this? Post them in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.

Swami OM First Interview After Eviction

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