Mohini to die in Brahmarakshas

Gear up for a maha episode in Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas (Balaji Telefilms).

The upcoming episode will mark the exit of Rakshanda Khan aka Mohini in the above thriller drama.

As per the plot, the supernatural powers of the stone in the forest will make Rishab (Aham Sharma) and Raina (Krystle Dsouza) unconscious. Later, when Raina will regain consciousness, she will realize that Rishab is nowhere to be found since he would have gotten trapped inside the stone.

Raina will visit Mohini to seek help for Rishab but she will trick and attack Raina and will escape with the stone.

On the other hand, the Brahmarakshas (played by Parag Tyagi) will attack Mohini and before dying she will warn about Narsimha’s arrival in their lives.

How will Narsimha’s entry will affect Rishabh- Raina?

We called Krystle but she remained unavailable to comment.

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