Bigg Boss 10 scripted or not ? This LEAKED video from the control room reveals it all

Bigg Boss as a show has carved a niche for itself in the television arena. The show is loved and watched by a huge number of people, thanks to Salman Khan, who has been anchoring the show since seven consecutive years now. While ardent fans of the show watch all the drama quite religiously, there are many people, who think that Bigg Boss is scripted. There has been a huge debate on the authenticity of the show since years, but now a a leaked video from the Bigg Boss 10 control room that is going viral on the internet might just put an end to these discussions.

In the video, we can see around 20 people in a room monitoring the activities of the housemates. From the looks of it, this video was shot on the day of one of the weekend episode shoots for we can see the contestants all decked up. Going by the video, we don’t think the show is scripted. Yes, the makes might be calling the shots on evictions, but the contestants are definitely not given a script and asked to behave in a certain manner.

Recently, Priyanka Jagga, who was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house by none other than Salman Khan claimed that Bigg Boss is scripted. Soon after her unceremonious ouster, Priyanka posted a message on her social media account and said that she is happy to be back home, and thanked Bigg Boss for letting her go. But the real deal was the comments section of the post. Priyanka wrote cryptic messages in the comments, which she deleted soon after posting them. When a fan told her that she was below the belt on the show, Jagga replied to him by saying, “It is scripted”, but later deleted the comment. What made her delete the comment? Only she can answer that.

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