Bigg Boss 10: Om swami crosses the line once again, threw pee on Bani and Rohan

Om swami crosses the line once again as he pulls off the cheapest feat to be seen in the Bigg Boss house till date!

What happened is that Om Swami and Bani were the two contenders for the captaincy task and in order to win the captaincy, both of them had to build a pyramid.

The other contestants could destroy their pyramids in order to make the other one win. What happened is that the contestants repeatedly broke down Swami’s pyramid. Swami got furious and peed in a container and actually threw it on Bani and Rohan!

He did the worst thing imaginable and we are absolutely grossed out by his actions! Bani and Rohan didn’t take this insult! There are unconfirmed reports that Rohan slapped Om Swami and Bani apparently kicked him! Swami is currently nowhere to be seen in the Live feed and we are guessing that he has been kicked out of the house for his actions.


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