Karan Kundra designs the tasks for MTV Love School

Love School Professor Karan Kundra is not just an approachable host on MTV Love School, but is also a tough task master when it comes to dealing with the contestants. Recently, Karan was seen giving his valuable inputs to the production team on designing tasks better for MTV Love School contestants.

Karan, who has been associated with Roadies for two years now and was the winner of MTV Roadies X4 last year, definitely knows a lot about designing tasks. In a recent episode, contestants were being evaluated on the ease of their ability to communicate with their partners and for that, it was Karan’s idea to make them feel what their partner is feeling at that moment by making them sit on a chair which gave them electric shocks according to the intensity of the emotions their respective partners were going through.

On giving his inputs in designing the task, Karan said, “Love school is not a show about winning a task, of course it is, but it’s also about getting the maximum out of a task. There were lot of changes that we used to make when we used to come up with a task. We really wanted the couples to understand why the task is happening and get something out of it. For example, say communication, there is always an individual in a couple who is more assertive or dominating than the other. So when we do a communication task, I wanted a lot of these problems to come out with it. So what happens is sometimes we say a lot of things to our partner and we do not think about it. I wanted these kids to speak their heart out but also feel that when you speak something, you need to know what it feels like. If it is hurtful then you should feel the hurt. So all of these tasks were modified and changed according to what we really wanted to accomplish on Love School.”

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