Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra’s violent behavior leads Om Swami to EMERGENCY exit, Rohan punished with direct nomination

Tonight’s Bigg Boss Season 10 episode will be drama galore, literally! Viewers were treated to high levels of drama in the past few weeks, but tonight’s episode will see the drama reaching another level.

After Bigg Boss revoked Rohan Mehra’s no captaincy’ punishment, Rohan was seen enthusiastically participating in yesterday’s snow storm’ task. And at the end of it, Rohan and Manveer were the two contenders for this week’s captaincy.

The captaincy task required Rohan and Manveer to place flowers of their assigned color on a flowerboard. The contestant, whose flowers are more on the flowerbed, will be declared the winner.

While the task was going on, Om Swami butted in and started pulling out the flowers that Rohan had already planted. Even though housemates Bani, Gaurav and Lopa tried stopping Swami from sabotaging the task, Swami went on. This also led to a tussle between Swami and Gaurav.

But the high point came when Rohan lost his cool on Om Swami and pushed him hard. Rohan’s violent behavior irked BiggBoss and he punished Rohan with direct nomination till his stay in the house.

Post this, Om Swami claimed to have lost hearing in one ear due to the push, which has led to him making an emergency exit from the show. The godman has been taken for an MRI by the makers.

What do you readers think about Rohan’s sudden outburst? Was his behavior justified?


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