Besties Martina and Kavya turned foes on MTV Splitsvilla 9!

Martina and Kavya have been giving us friendship goals since the first episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9, however, the upcoming episode will see a fallout between the hotties. Kavya, who recently won a task and became the queen of the villa along with Rajnandini has been exhilarated because of the newly acquired power.

The dumping ground saw a fallout between the besties when Kavya had to make the decision of dumping a contestant. Martina was shocked to see the practical side of Kavya and broke down because of her harsh decision. Kavya’s connection, Gurmeet was also taken aback.

A source close to the sets said, “Martina and Gurmeet were shocked beyond words when Kavya made her decision at the dumping ground. Everyone in the Villa knows the kind of bond Kavya, Martina, Gurmeet and Varun share and all of them were disheartened with Kavya’s decision as a queen.”

Looks like the saying ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ didn’t go down to well with Kavya!
What decision did she take that had all of them taken aback? To know more, tune into Splitsvilla tonight!

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