You can’t expect a woman to wear a saree or salwar kameez on a beach or swimming pool: Sonarika Bhadoria

Just like anyone excited about sharing travel diaries, TV actor Sonarika Bhadoria posted her pictures from Mauritius, where she was shooting for a film. But little did she know that the people, who know her better for portraying Goddess Parvati, would ‘get offended’ and troll her . Although she deleted the pictures at first, she decided to re-post them. Talking to us, she makes it clear that she is unapologetic about it.

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“I thought today’s generation is mature enough to separate an actor’s personal life from their professional life and they would understand that we also have our own life. But that did not happen. Just because I am a girl and played a goddess you cannot hide behind your TV screens and write whatever you want to in the name of freedom of expression. They say it is part and parcel of a celebrity’s life but there is a limit to everything. I am not God, I have emotions and I do feel bad,” says Bhadoria, who played the role for a year before parting ways with the show.


The 23-year-old actor also points out the difference of approach towards male and female actors who have played mythological characters.

“We all know what a hypocritical society we live in, don’t we? Gurmeet (Choudhary) is a dear friend of mine and he played Lord Ram some years ago. Immediately after that he did a show called Geet, in which he was shown with his bare body and girls drooled over him and men looked up to him for fitness. Similarly, with actor Mohit Raina (who plays Shiva) a lot of girls used to call on the show and call him hot Shiva and sexy Shiva. S**t shaming a female actor for wearing certain kind of clothes is not acceptable. At least not in today’s day and age.,” she says.


Talking about her first reaction when she realised that she had becoming a target of some not-so nice messages, she says, “You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something bad happens? I can’t even put it in words but it was a very bad feeling. The entire day my phone was buzzing with my friends calling and supporting me. You can’t expect a woman to wear a saree or salwar kameez and go to a beach or swimming pool,” says the actor.

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