Hot wax got splashed on Mona Singh’s face while shooting for a romantic sequence

The vivacious Mona Singh who essays the role of Preet in the show ‘Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do’ on Sony TV injured herself while shooting for an upcoming sequence.

A little birdie from the set informed us about the same, “Hot wax got splashed on Mona’s face while she was blowing the candles which were placed in the room. She was shooting for a romantic sequence where the room was decorated with the candles. Doctor was called immediately on the set as she suffered with burn patches on her face and arms.” We got in touch with the actor to know about the incident and she shared, “Yes it did happen. I was so involved in the scene that I got a little burnt but I got medication immediately and I am fine now. There are a few burn patches on my skin but they are not that bad.” We also heard that Mona did not let her injury hamper the shoot schedule and continued shooting.

Well that’s the spirit!

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