I am getting a new platform to connect with people through Khatron Ke Khiladi: Arjun Kapoor

TV allows you instant connect with maximum number of people: An all-new season of Tata Motors Presents Khatron Ke Khiladi — Kabhi Peeda Kabhi Keeda will go on air on Colors. And joining this adventure reality show as host, will be Arjun Kapoor who is known for his spirited action-hero persona. With some never-seen-before stunts, Arjun will bring in his quintessential sense of humour and happy-go-lucky attitude to this series. It will be shot over a month-long-schedule in Buenos Aires, Argentina, starting this November. In a quick tete-a-tete with Bombay Times, the actor spoke about why he chose this show for his debut on television.

What prompted you to foray into television, especially with this show?
An actor’s job is to entertain people irrespective of the platform. It’s proven in our country that TV allows you an instant connect with maximum number of people. It’s not like waiting for a film to release for you to get the feedback and see the reaction. I am getting a new platform to connect with so many people who might not have seen all my films and might not know the real me. Not everybody keeps a track of how you are as a personality. This is an opportunity to show them the quirky and funny shades of my character as I have done some intense films. A reality show allows you to show your true self and I am not playing any character here. Also, it had to be the right show to make my small screen debut. I am still only three years old in the profession. I think being a judge would be unfair because I am still honing my skills. I haven’t acquired enough experience to give my expert opinion on a subject. I am the sutradhaar here and carry it forward by joining the dots.

The show has had three hosts — Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and Rohit Shetty — previously. How different will your approach be from them?
I will find out when I go there. I am a spontaneous person by nature. If it was a film, I could have told you how I am going to approach the role. But on this show, I will have to react impulsively to contestants, conditions and stunts. Hopefully, I will find my way through.

Will you be a dictator or a fun host?
I will be entertaining. Whichever direction the show goes, you have to be malleable enough to adapt to a situation. My attitude will depend on how contestants behave. If a contestant is scared to perform a stunt, I will have to push them, if he or she is good, I have to encourage them. I will have to decide who to be strict with and whom to be easy on, depending on their performance.

Do you think with you on board, it will become easier to tap the younger audience?
Obviously, there is an instant youth connect and there will be an excitement from my generation and my age group.

Since the show is about combating one’s fears, what’s your biggest phobia?
I have a phobia of ceiling fans. I don’t think I will be doing anything to do with that. It’s not that I run away from the room if it’s there. I was very tall for my age as a kid. I would do a lot of masti standing on desks and once I had accidentally almost cut my hand. I have this phobia ever since. I am very animated with my hands and I get a little paranoid about it. I don’t have a single ceiling fan at home.

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