‘Veera’ to end next month. Is the Digangana-Farnaz catfight to blame?

It’s curtains for TV show ‘Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera’, which would have completed a three-year run in October. It will air its last episode on August 8. Apart from a fall in the ratings, the protagonist’s tantrums apparently have triggered the decision to pull the plug on the show. A source reveals that actress Digangana Suryavanshi has been at loggerheads with her co-actor Farnaz Shetty and would often refuse to shoot with her. They have been filming with each other’s body doubles for a long time.

Digangana, however, refutes the buzz and claims that she had expressed the desire to quit the show last month. She said, “I was mentally tortured by Farnaz. She would always copy my hairstyles, crack jokes and mock me during an emotional scene, in an attempt to distract me. I have been bringing up the matter with the producers at regular intervals. If it was shutting down because of anyone’s tantrums, they would have called a meeting, rectified the problem and continued the show. It’s an internal decision and has got nothing to do with any particular actor.”

Farnaz retorts, “I am a professional artiste and would never hamper the shoot. Blame it on Digangana’s insecurity, she has had so many people removed from various departments. In her head, it’s her show since she plays the title role, which may not be true as every character is important. She would demand the creative team to change the track if my character was getting more importance. As far as accusing me of copying her hairstyle is concerned, I would say it was otherwise. And regarding cracking jokes during an emotional scene, even a layman would know that the unit observes pin-drop silence while canning scenes. So, the question of me laughing while she shot her scenes doesn’t hold true. She refused to shoot with me and only shot with my dupe! She would not come out of her makeup room for hours in the end, thereby, hampering the shoot. Everyone on the set is blaming her for the show ending.”

‘Veera’ will be replaced by the TV show ‘Mohii’, which features Karan Sharma, Vinita Joshi and Rishma Rochlani.

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