I don’t know why a Kiss is over rated on television: Kritika Kamra

Adorable Kritika Kamra, is back with Reporters where she will be seen essaying the character of a rising reporter Ananya Kashyap. After doing couple shows like Kitani Mohabbat Hai, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, the actress is all ecstatic to do a show of a complete new genre.

Lets see what she has to say about Reporters…

You seem to be quite choosy about shows you pick, why so?

I don’t want to do quantitative but qualitative work in the industry. A break is required to reinvent myself, I don’t want to be on television every single day and bore my audience.

How is it going with Rajeev Khandelwal?

He is a brilliant actor. I have watched his work. He is a perfectionist and its great to work with such an actor because even your performance is valued with him.

How is Goldie (Goldie Behl) as a director ?

Goldie, is a news buff and that is also the reason, why he decided to direct the show himself. He is very clear about what he wants and so he is vocal about it. You have to really nail it with him because he wants everything to be perfect.

Were you nervous before doing this show?

I have never been nervous about a show but this time I was because I am essaying the character of a reporter. They are very opinionated, they have a critical thought so I was well aware that journalists all over will criticize if they watch something unusual about their field. The show is going to be about their life, their relationships, the difficulties they face in the fierce world of media. I watch a lot of news, I do have my favorites but I am trying to create by own identity by not having any reference point. I want the audience to accept Ananya Kahsyap as a reporter.

What was your take on the kissing scene?

It is the first time I have kissed on television, when the story was narrated to me, my first question was can we show this because of the problems related to censorship. A kiss is very common in real life and cinema but I don’t know why it is over rated on television. The show is supposed to be edging, bold and hard hitting and that’s how we say it.

Have you ever thought of being a journalist before acting?

My father wanted me to be a doctor so, I played a doctor in the previous show Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. My mother wanted me to be a journalist and here I am. So by choosing the field of acting I am trying to fulfill their dreams.

What all have you learned about Journalism?

I have recently been to a news studio and got a clear idea about technical things. For the first time, I understood the meaning of a beat, I learned about news formation and more. We always question the sensationalism factor in the news but I got an answer to this. When I started doing Reporters, that it is a very cut-throat competition in the industry where you have to be better than the rest. So in this competitive world at times, news tends to become a story.

How has your relation been with the media so far?

I cannot deny to the fact that media is someone who can make you or break you. I think media is a channel which conveys our messages to the audiences. Today whatever people know about Kritrika is due to media. So far, the media has been very kind to me, I have developed particular bonding with them.

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