When Nikita Dutta overcomes her black rat fear on the sets of Dream Girl

All of us have our own fears, whether it is one we choose to admit or one that we’d rather not bring out in the open. Well (Nikita Dutta) aka Lakshmi is no different! But what makes her different is how she over comes her fear.

Recently on the sets of Shashi Sumeet Productions latest show Dream Girl- Ek Ladki Deewani Si, wherein the main antagonist Ayesha makes Lakhsmi jump through hoops with tedious pranks that are extremely difficult to overcome Nikita (aka Lakshmi) usually performs the tasks with effortless grace. However there was one prank sequence that made Nikita really uneasy and that was in the sequence where Ayesha releases rats in the office to torture Lakshmi. Nikita who has a huge phobia of animals especially black rats was so scared to see the rats on set. But being the graceful professional that she is, overcame her fear and pulled the scene off with great aplomb and cheer from her co-stars and crew.

Nikita Dutta said, “Actually I feel uneasy and giddy when rats come across me. In the particular scene, when Ayesha (Shraddha Arya) left rats on me, was so scared that I screamed but then at some point I had to forgo my fear and it

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