Telly stars and their unusual co-stars

It’s time for some paw-friendly moments on screen. With actors developing fondness for their pawed co-stars on various shows, there’s brewing tales of love, fondness and amazing camaraderie between TV actors and their pawed counterparts. Here’s a glimpse into the unusual screen chemistry, which has the actors completely bitten and smitten on the sets.

The Theory of Attachment

Actor: Divyanka Tripathi Unusual co-star: Canine co-star Mutthu Buddy-buddy baatein: Divyanka takes good care of Candy on the sets
For Divyanka Tripathi, shooting with Mutthu is always a cherishing experience on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Says Divyanka, “Shooting with Candy (Mutthu) takes a lot of time because everything depends on his mood. He is trained, but needs his space, food comfort and more important an elbow room. When Muttu first came on the sets, he sniffed and licked my fractured foot as if he understood everything. I’m pretty attached to Mutthu as he reminds me of my pet at home. I love petting him and training him for the shot too.”

Actor: Ssharad Malhotraa Unusual Co-star: Horse Chetak Buddy-buddy baatein: The actor pampers Benny (real name) by feeding carrots and has intentions to own Benny

A self-confessed lover of pets, Ssharad went head over heels for his co-star Chetak, the four legged wonder of the show Bharat Ka Veer Putra… Maharana Pratap. While Ssharad spent more than a month in getting lessons on horse riding, what bowled the actor over was the way Chetak started bonding over. Says Ssharad, “Initially it was little difficult and we had to do lot of re-takes. But now we are in a happy space and Chetak understands my feelings and emotions.”

Actor: Mrunal Jain Unusual co-star: Elephant Ganesh; occasional co-star – an eagle Buddy-buddy baatein: The actor feeds bananas to his co-star Ganesh

While both Chhavi Pandey and Mrunal Jain share a great onscreen rapport with their four legged wonder Gannu (Ganesh), it is Mrunal Jain, who’s left awed by his elephant co-star in the show Bandhan…Sari Umar Humein Sang Rehena Hai. Raving about Ganesh Mrunal says, “It is amazing to see the elephant raise his trunk in happiness. The wonderful feeling has been when I saw Ganesh respond like any other pet, which made me feel more curious. He responds like any other pet but in his own way. I share very good bonding with him. It feels great to have an elephant as a costar. Yes sometimes I feed him bananas.”

Actor: Pankhuri Awasthi Unusual Co-star: Horse Chulbul Buddy-buddy baatein: The actress treats Chulbul to healthy feeding treats meant for horses

The leading lady of the period saga Raziya Sultan, Pankhuri Awasthi too could not stop herself from developing fondness for her unusual co-star, a horse with whom the actress would spent hours of shooting whenever the script required. About understanding the equestrian basics, Pankhuri says, “What is special about an unusual co-star like a horse that they understand only love. Being a pet and an animal lover myself has helped me get closer to Chulbul while shooting for the show.”

The tellyworld is not new to ‘paw tales’ on the screen. While canine fascination has had its impression in the show Chanchan with Sanaya Irani raving about her onscreen furry pal, of late actors Manav Gohil and Harshad Chopra too were seen sharing some screen space with some unusual co-stars. While Harshad’s pet—a parrot in Humsafars gave a romantic angle to the script, Manav Gohil with his Maheesh (a buffalo) grabbed the required eyeballs while ensuring a laugh riot in the show Yam Hai Hum. Says Manav Gohil, “Shooting with the buffalo as a co-star Maheesh was one of the toughest moments in life. First, I had to find an amicable equation with him. There were scenes where he had to follow me wherever I go. So, I used to walk around with one banana hidden in my arm, would motivate him to follow me wherever I went. It was tough, but in the end it left a fond memory after the character was replaced with a bike designed like a buffalo.”

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