Mihika Verma misses shooting with Raj Singh Arora

All you ardent fans of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM), we know that you guys are missing Mihika Verma and Raj Singh Arora’s nok-jhok moments on the prime time drama.

Since the chirpy and bubbly onscreen couple went their separate ways as part of their track on YHM, they don’t have many scenes to shoot together. And that’s exactly what is disturbing Mihika, who is good friends with Raj in real life.

She shared, “Raj and I share a very good bond offscreen. He is a very good friend and I really miss shooting with him. In fact, I also keep texting him ‘Miss you’ on BBM. Every day I get messages and mails from fans that they want us back as a couple. They miss our chemistry and cute quarrels.”

“I wish that makers come up with a twist and we get back together. At least that way we will get to meet and shoot every day,” she added.

We hope your wish comes true soon, Mihika!

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