Kundan tries to get physical with Nimboli in Balika Vadhu

Sphere Origins’ popular and the longest running show, Balika Vadhu on Colors, is leaving no stone unturned to keep their audience glued to the television screen by creating interesting twist and turns on the show.

As seen in the ongoing episodes, Nimboli (Gracy Goswami) is been tortured by her in-laws and is ill treated by them. Yet the girl is not giving up and facing all the troubles coming her way.

But Nimboli’s worries will not end here as Kundan will try to get physical with her.
Our source says, “Nimboli will go to Kundan’s (Sparsh Shrivastav) school with his bag.

There Kundan’s friends will start teasing him when they will see Nimboli along with her.

This will make Nimboli very angry and she will start hitting Kundan’s friends. Kundan will stop her and will ask to go back to haveli.”

“Later, Kundan’s friends will brain wash him by telling him that he has to take his marriage to the the next level. Thus, he will go back to haveli and will find Nimboli sleeping on the bed. He will go closer to her and try to kiss her but Chagni will come and stop Kundan from doing what he was trying to do,” adds our source.

“As the show progresses further, audience will get to see Kundan making multiple attempts to come closer to Nimboli. Also on the other hand, Aanandi (Toral Rasputra) will be giving self-defense training to the girls of Jaitsar,” ends our source.

Will Nimboli be able to deal with the situation?

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