My relationship with my daughter would come out through Dil Ki Baatein…Dil Hi Jaane: Ram Kapoor

Sony Entertainment Television launched its new concept Dil Ki Baatein…Dil Hi Jaane last night. Starring Ram Kapoor and Gurdeep Kohli in the leads, the show also has the teen sensation Mahima Makwana.

Ram who will play Ram (once again), will be a guy who will have to fight for his wife’s life, who would be suffering from cancer. The show has been inspired from Mahesh Bhatt’s Daddy and Ram, who is known for his perfection when it comes to his acting, is keenly involved with the project with producers Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada. Mahesh Bhatt is a mentor in the show.

At the launch of the show, got in a conversation with Ram and spoke at length about his serial, family and a lot more…

What made you accept this show?
After working for the last few years on TV, I was offered the same kind of shows which I did not want to do. Also with me doing well in movies, it was a wrong time to indulge in too many TV shows. But suddenly a brilliant, deep and different concept like this came my way and I just could not say no. From the time I have wanted to become an actor, Mahesh Bhatt has been an inspiration and with him being so closely involved with the show, it was an added bonanza. Also I have had a successful stint with Sony, so everything just fell in the right place.

Seems like Mahesh Bhatt was the prime reason for you choosing the show?
Yes, most definitely. He is an institution in himself and even when you are simply listening to him, you get to learn so much.

Can we see you in one of his films sometime?
I would let Mahesh saab announce that.

You are not denying that it is happening though…
I am neither denying nor confirming it (smiles).

Coming back to the show, the theme is quite tragic; do you think Indian audience would accept it?
There is a wrong impression that the show is tragic. Instead it is an inspiring tale of a person who hits rock bottom in life and how he overcomes the difficulties. The story is about how after one loses everything, but life still goes on and how his daughter becomes his guiding light in life. The promos might have looked gloomy, but that was the promotional strategy and I am glad that they nailed it, for we have received a tremendous response.

The show will also talk about euthanasia, what is your personal opinion on the same?
This subject hasn’t being tackled yet. But firstly we are not here to preach anything, but yes this show will surely make people talk and think about the practice. It is a hard ritual but it depends on the situation the family is put through, and the emotional roller coaster they get to be a part of.

Talking about emotions, how did you emotionally connect to the show with so much similarity- two children and a loving wife?
You have put it rightly; yes there were too many similarities and this is the reason I have connected very deeply with the character. The father-daughter bonding is a very special one and I think my relationship with my daughter would come out through this show too. I am very close to my daughter and she has the most say in my doings. My mother and wife could not help me quit smoking for the last 15 years, but she (daughter) just had to say it once and I haven’t done it close to a year.

Now that your wife Gautami Kapoor has also started working, how do you guys manage to spend time with the kids?
We have a great team of staff and both our mothers are also around. As for Gautami she has just got back to work and she is really happy about it. I am proud of the fact that she is doing such a respectful show. As for our kids, they understand that Daddy is working for them and during our vacations I make up for all the lost time.

And what is the fascination with the name Ram in your shows?
(Laughs) I think it is the makers who feel that audiences connect well with this name. Somewhere it has clicked and I have no problem with any name.

Since Mahesh Bhatt’s projects are known for its music, and this show has already made everyone hum the title track, what is your take on the same?
To be honest I haven’t yet heard the entire track list, but I am sure they would all be wonderful. With the show being really deep and me playing a violinist, there would be some really heart wrenching music in the show.

Did you learn violin?
No I didn’t (smiles).

Have you ever hit the rock-bottom stage in your life, just as your character in the show is?
No I have been lucky in that way. I am humbled that there are so many more talented people than me who are still struggling. Thankfully I did not have to experience any such situation.

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