There is a preconceived notion that Roadies is only about gaali galloch: Esha Deol

The feisty Esha Deol is all set to take center stage as the first female judge of popular reality show Roadies on its new season, Roadies X2. With expectations flying sky-high with the inclusion of new judges and new format, Esha too is gung-ho about her new television avatar.

Says Esha, “I have been a fan of roadies. It’s a very entertaining show with lots of fun and the rush of adrenalin which makes it even more exciting. May be if I was not acting earlier, I too would have liked to take part in it as a contestant.”

While Esha has essayed different roles in her acting career, her stint with Roadies will showcase her real self. “You will see me for who I am. Until now, people have seen me essaying different characters but in this show you will see the real Esha Deol. I am a very spontaneous person by nature. During auditions, I surprised myself when I got emotional and at times angry,” says Esha.

For Esha, the current season will also serve as an image make-over of sorts for the show. “There is a huge change this season in a positive way. There is a preconceived notion that Roadies is only about gaali galloch. It is not just that. We are here as four different judges trying to showcase other feelings and emotions. There are so many people possessing different talents which will be highlighted.”

Ask her if there will be less of abuses this time around and the actress says, “I don’t swear. To each to his own. I definitely would want my gang members to be good people.”

Ex judges, Raghu and Rajiv had expressed their admiration for Esha Deol. Broach the topic of Raghu-Rajiv and Esha’s face breaks into a happy smile. “I have enjoyed watching Raghu-Rajiv on the show and I’m happy that they have liked my presence in the show.”

Despite being the lone female judge, Esha says there is absolutely no pressure on her shoulders. “There is absolutely no pressure. It is a wonderful responsibility given to me to show that a female can also judge Roadies. Also the show itself doesn’t differentiate between males and females.”

On the fun part, one can also expect to see Esha showcasing her cool dance moves on the show. “On the road trip, I will dance with my gang members,” says Esha before signing off.

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