Rushil Bangia back on TV with Sadda Haq

Rushil Bangia, who essayed the role of a tormented husband in Ek Hasina Thi, is back on TV with the popular youth show Sadda Haq on Channel V.

Playing the industrialist Bajaj, Rushil is enjoying his time on the show. “It is a great role and I am really enjoying my time. Being a youth project, Sadda Haq has managed to touch various emotions and relationship issues of families and that makes it even more special.”

Not many know that the actor had featured in a film with Payal Rohatgi but a slip disc caused him to take a break from his career. “That was the hardest moment in my life when I was away from work for more than two years. Seeing my career crumble in front of my eyes was a hard thing but it strengthened me even more to get back with a better start.”
After recovering from the bad fall, Rushil moved back to Mumbai and started doing episodics when he bagged the role in Ek Hasina Thi. “Life had been pretty well post that as my work is getting appreciated. I really want people to realise my potential as an actor so that I can continue doing good roles. Also, being in films is still my dream and I hope to be able to manage that with my will power. I have seen a lot of bad and now it’s time to move only towards greater things.”

Wish you luck, Rushil!

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