Roopal Tyagi colours her hair red

Roopal Tyagi, the very popular ‘Gunjan’ from the just concluded Zee TV show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, is a free bird now!! Out of the shackles of commitment, shoot pressure and tedious schedules, the actress is catching up with a much-needed vacation..

And what a way she has found out to begin her new life post her maiden show!!

Well, Roopal has coloured her hair ‘RED’!! She feels that this is an awesome way to begin her life after the show which heralded her to success..

Says Roopal, “I wanted to colour my hair red for a long time now. In fact, I wanted green like I used to have during my college days. But that colour does not last long. So I got myself a red colour (smiles).”

Also, Roopal is presently enjoying jolly time in the beautiful locales of Mahabaleshwar with her family.

She exclaims, “I am with my family, and what more do I want to kick-start life afresh? I am in Mahabaleshwar,
playing paintball with my family. I tried my hands at biking too. This place is very relaxing. Name any sport, and I am at it. I have played basket ball, badminton. Also, I am pampering myself well at the spa.”

Here are some exclusive pictures of Roopal’s new hair-do!!

Roopal, have a great vacation and be back soon rejuvenated!!

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