5 Reasons why we loved Dil Dostii Dance

One of the most popular youth-based shows on the Indian television has come to an end. The dance-meets-drama, Dil Dostii Dance aka D3 (Cinevistaas), was a huge hit with the audiences for over four years. As the last episode of the serial was telecast last night on 9th Jan, we give you five reasons why we will miss watching it…take a look:

Choreographed Dance Moves:
The show made dancing a popular hobby with the masses. Everybody attempted to break into moves like the dancers of the show. From choreographed sequences to impromptu splits, the show had beautiful moves that made us want to dance too. We are definitely going to miss those elaborate dance performances, aren’t we?

Interwoven Love Stories:
Be it Rey and Kriya’s smoking chemistry or Swayam and Sharon’s complicate love affair, the interwoven stories gelled seamlessly with the song-dance movements. Perhaps that’s what made this coming-of-age drama such a hit with the youngsters. We all wanted to know where the lead pairs will be headed to, how their love stories will be concluded and will they live happily ever after or not. Now that the show has ended, we don’t know what else to speculate on….

Actual Plot:
Unlike other youth shows that have a single love track that’s dragged endlessly, D3 boasted off an actual plot. It had rooted characters, a strong storyline, neat dance moves that didn’t interfere with the story or look ‘forced’ and primary and secondary love tracks without meddling with the main theme of the series.

Acting Chops:
Almost every actor on the show became a household name, thanks to their acting chops. Whether it was an emotionally draining scene or a dance face-off, the actors put in their hundred percent to elevate the serial to this amazing level!

Popularity of the Characters:
If Kunwar Amarjeet Singh and Shakti Mohan branched into famous reality shows post the success of D3, Shantanu Maheshwari and Vrushika Mehta became a hot property with the masses. Their characters not only enjoyed unparalleled success on the show, but also become the benchmark for other youth-based shows. Swayam aka Shantanu enjoyed a crazy fan following, which will be in mourning now that the show has ended!
Which aspect of the show are you going to miss the most? Do let us know in the comments section below…

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