The Other Side of the Gautam-Jennifer affair story

They are good looking. They are talented. And they have worked together.

And now media reports suggest that they are also a couple, much in love.

We are talking about Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget, the much loved Samud (Saras and Kumud) from Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra.

Now, let’s sit back a bit and read this.

Post the culmination of Saraswatichandra, Gautam went on to bag the lead role in Life OK’s Mahakumbh. And at the launch party of the show, Jennifer was present by Gautam’s side, smiling to the lensmen.

Well, that was enough dope for the media to speculate on their alleged relationship. And why not? Jennifer is supposedly free and available after her recent split with husband Karan Singh Grover.

But like always, there are three sides to a story…yours, theirs, and the truth.

What’s the truth? That only time will tell. But here we present the other side of the tale.

An industry informer shared that the alleged affair news is nothing else but pure figment of imagination.

“First of all, Gautam and Jennifer have never had a warm relationship. They did work together but they were never close pals as such. They have always known each other as professionals and things still remain the same. There is no question of them dating. Even during the Saraswatichandra days, they had a friction or two, which was reported in the media,” shared the source.

So where is this entire link-up talk cropping from? Well, our source suggests that it’s a classic case of media speculation.

“Jennifer and Gautam both are close friends of Arvind Babbal, producer-director of Mahakumbh. Now Arvind was the director of Saraswatichandra initially, thus the connect. It was Arvind who invited Jennifer at the launch party of Mahakumbh, not Gautam. Yes they met cordially, which is pretty obvious for any two individuals who have worked for a long time. But he certainly did not take her to some corner to hug or get cosy with. Jennifer is going through a difficult phase currently and she should be given space in her personal life.”

Another of our khabru further informed that Gautam and Jennifer did speak to each other post the link up development and they laughed it off. But yes, stories of relationships do make things uneasy between two individuals.

To get a clarification on the matter we buzzed Gautam but he remained out of reach. Jennifer too remained unavailable.

So what’s the future for Gautam and Jennifer? Will they still remain friends post the link up scoop? Well, only time will tell. Till then, keep reading .

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