Am really scared of Salman Khan than elimination: Sukirti Khandpal

TV’s beautiful and petite actress is ready to face challenges and obstacles coming her way as Sukirti Kandpal who was last seen in Life OK’s Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai, has departed to start her long and tiring journey in the Bigg Boss house.

In conversation with TellyBuzz Sukirti speaks about her game plan, one quality which change the situation in the house and much more…

Let’s see what she has shared -

Why did you think of taking up Big Boss?
Well it’s a very stupid thing because suddenly I got a thought to do Bigg Boss and so I am doing it. I asked my parents and friends that shall I do this show and they said Yes. So I am going inside the Bigg boss house and I am very excited about it. I know it’s a very challenging show but will try my best to win this challenge.

As Bigg Boss is said to be one of the most controversial show, so being a well-known personality what is your take on it?
Yes I know that it’s a controversial show as I have seen the previous seasons of the show. But it is not compulsory that everyone comes out with the controversies. There two ways – You can come as controversial contestant or you can come out as yourself. So I will come out as myself only.

What do you have to say about host of the show Salman Khan?
We I am really scared of him because every Saturday we will be hit by him for all the things we have been doing inside the house, I have seen in previous seasons. Though Saturdays are said to be the fun filling day but in Bigg Boss house Saturdays will be the scariest day. Jitna I am not scared of elimination, usse jyada I will be scared of Saturday because that day I will be hit by Salman.

What will be your game plan and strategy?
Well as we all know and I personally too have seen in the previous seasons that no strategy works in the house because the situations which appear in the house are unpredictable. So I will try to be myself and try most of the time to keep calm. That will be my strategy.

Which things you are taking along with you in the house which will be were close to your heart inside the house?
I am taking my mother’s and my sister’s photograph. I am also taking Babaji’s photo whom we worship.

What is your one quality which you believe that can be a disadvantage for you inside Bigg Boss house?
I am a very straightforward person and very outspoken. This kind of nature is not taken positively by many people. So this quality can be a disadvantage for me. Lastly I just want to say to my fans that whatever I am today is all because of your love and support. So I hope that you all will love and support me in the same when I will be in the Bigg Boss house because I will need lot of support from my fans to survive in the Bigg Boss house.


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