Things that scares our Bigg Boss inmates in the house

Salman Khan will be taking the small screen by storm yet again for the eighth season of Bigg Boss has hit the TV screens. While the masses love watching Salman as the host, there are some contestants, who seem to be scared by Dabangg Khan. Yes, before the celebrities got on to Salman’s vimaan last night, we caught up with them and asked them some interesting questions.

The question that we asked was what part of Bigg Boss do they find scary? And we got some interesting answers on this one. Take a look…

Karishma Tanna: The most scary part is that you are being watched. Plus there is limited food and there is no privacy.

Praneet Bhatt: The scary part is limited food. More than that it’s the fights. There should be a healthy competition.

Sushant Divgikar: I am just scared of not getting proper food. Otherwise people don’t scare me anymore.

Minissha Lamba: I think it’s the betrayal. It’s the betrayal of who you think are your friends, but they are actually not. I think that’s the most scary aspect to handle in a show like this.

Sukriti Kandpal: The scary part of this show are Saturdays when Salman sir appears on our TV

Soni Singh: Being cut off from the outside world is definitely the scariest part of this show.


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