Babuji fools child artistes with makeover

The ChidiyaGhar family is in for a shock as its patriarch, Babuji (played by Rajendra Gupta), will soon be seen in a new avatar. In the upcoming episode, the audiences will be treated to a rather dashing Babuji, who will be forced to take a walk down memory lane.

The episode will reveal that it’s his love for Chidiya Amma that transformed him into a law-abiding citizen. However, a situation in Chidiya Ghar forces him to bring his dark side to the fore.
Rajendra says, “The children on the show are always playing pranks on us. So, with my new look, we decided to turn the tables on them. Once I got dressed, the crew introduced me to the children as a film producer who had travelled from the North to meet them. The kids failed to recognise me and went along with our story, until we burst out laughing.”
Chidiya Ghar airs Monday to Friday at 9 pm on SAB TV.

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