The video which went viral was not part of our promotion-Karan Kundra

Handsome hunk of television Karan Kundra currently seen in MTV India’s Fanaah which recently started. After doing Kitani Mohabbat Hai (season 1 and 2) on Imagine, Karan was mostly seen in reality shows and movies. Taking a break of 3 years from fiction shows, he is back with a very unique role of a Vampire.
We got in touch with Karan to know how he is feeling about coming back to fiction show.
Karan Said “I don’t know it doesn’t feel anything new because KMH was the last time I did fiction show then I did some non- fiction TV show. Later, I did a Punjabi film, one Hindi film, then Gumrah and then I did four films. So I don’t think that I was away from acting apart from Gumrah. In Gumrah I was obviously just being me as I love giving gyaan just like my habit. So, there I used to come do my bak bak and go. I didn’t know it’s a big thing that I came back after a long time with a fiction show till I started promoting Fanaah where everybody is asking how are you feeling that you are coming back on fiction. And then I realized that I am actually coming back after 3 years in a fiction show. It’s quite funny that the kind of fan following who have loved me for my romantic series and they stuck on to me for three years. Horror story was again not a romantic story; Punjabi film was also not a romantic film. so I think it’s a big thing for me and it’s an advantage for me as they were waiting for me to come back, so let’s see what happens.”
There was lots of buzz created as one of the video in which Karan is biting a girl in disco went viral and it was assumed that the video is part of promotion of his show Fanaah. But he denied and said, “The video which went viral was not part of our promotion. We were shooting a pilot for Fanaah, what is pilot basically is when you make a new show, you have a concept so you make a low cost version and we did this in Gumrah also because nobody knew what is Gumrah. So we shot a pilot we collected data and we did a shoot and we sent it to the channel to know that they liked it or not because it was a new concept. Similarly Fanaah was a new concept so for that we were shooting in a club for a pilot about a month ago where was a scene that I am in a disco and I bite a girl. I don’t know how that video came out but whoever did that we are very grateful to them as they did a good job because the video went viral. In fact my dad also saw that video and said tu Kudiyan ne bite kidda but no it was not real I don’t bite girls in real (laugh).”
We are happy that Karan is back with a fiction show as his fans were eager to see him on small screen in a fiction show.

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