Veera and Gunjan’s war hots up

Two actresses can feel insecure and fight on anything ranging from ‘who looks better’ to ‘who gets more screen space’.

Even youngsters can drift in that space effortlessly. One such set of actresses, who have become infamous for their cold war are Digangana Suryavanshi and Farnaz Shetty, who plays Veera and Gunjan respectively in Yash Patnaik’s Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera.

Their cold war has escalated to a level where the two can’t stand each other. The latest bone of contention is Digangana’s hairstylist. The protagonist, we are told, feels insecure and perpetually complaints that Farnaz copies her hairstyle.

“She even asked the channel to change her hairstylist to avoid the ‘copying act’,” informs a source from the set, adding, “Digangana is infamous for being enfant terrible on the set. She has grown too big for her boots and doesn’t like anybody else hogging the limelight. Farnaz bonds with the boys on the set too and that has only escalated the matter.”

Digangana and Farnaz didn’t revert to our text message.

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