Swayam and Sharon to enjoy their first kiss in D3

You Swayam-Sharon fans out there, wake up from your slumber and enjoy this news!! Get ready for a sensuously beautiful episode in Channel V’s Dil Dostii Dance (Cinevistaas Ltd) this Friday (18 July).
What’s special in this episode? Well, Sharon and Swayam will have their first kiss in the three years of outing they have had.
Party time, isn’t it?
So how has the episode been filmed?
As per the ongoing track, Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) and Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) have been on a fighting spree from the time the fresher’s party happened. Now, it is time to make-up and kiss!!
A source states, “A sensuous feel with Swayam and Sharon stuck in rain, taking shelter in a cozy room space, a breezy ambience with rain in the background, a fire place to make the duo feel cozy and warm. Amidst all this, a sensuous love-making scene wherein the two get romantic, ending up falling in each other’s arms, only to get into a lip-lock.”
Sounds romantic, right? Watch the promo to get the feel of the sequence right here.
We tried contacting Shantanu, to get a comment on this romantic sequence, but we could not reach him.
Get ready, keep your popcorns ready and get glued to this romantic offering in Dil Dostii Dance.

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